Bet365 Vegas casino bonus

The newcomer bonus is one of the biggest selling points when it comes to online casinos. The game range is always important, but more and more casinos have more and more games.

When deciding which casino to choose, the joining bonus can often be the deal-breaker. Casinos know what a draw the newcomer bonus is. Why else would they give out free money? An online casino that offers great bonuses to new players, is for example Bet365

Bet365 Vegas casino bonus

Bet365 casino bonus

Bet365 Vegas is a casino arm of the Bet365 organisation, a successful bookmaker whose main enterprise seems to be sports betting but also have a number of other focuses in different areas.

For their Vegas casino, their new player offer is stated as a ‘100% new player bonus, up to £100’. This means what it says; new players will receive up to £100. This is a deposit-matching bonus, which means that if you, as a new player, deposit an amount of money into your Bet365 Vegas account then Bet365 will then credit an equal amount of money into the account.


So, for example, if you deposit £10 into your account, Bet365 will match that and deposit another £10 into your account too, bringing the total up to £20. If you deposit £20 they match it with £20; if you put in £30 they will also give an extra £30, and so on up to a limit of £100.

Additionally, you can’t just deposit £20, get their £20, and then withdraw all £40; this would probably bankrupt the casinos. Instead, you need to bet your account balance and your bonus at least 20 times before you can withdraw the money. If you win, then the free money is yours, but this way the casino at least has a chance to win it back.

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