Try the new butterfly Staxx Sloth Machine

The sloth machine has always been a popular gambling machine, it was originally operated by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols on reels. But today the sloth machine is also accessible online, and it exists in many variations with different symbols and themes. The butterfly Staxx Sloth Machine is a relaxing sloth machine with beautiful graphics along with the possibility of big payouts.

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Try the new butterfly Staxx Sloth Machine

What makes the butterfly Staxx Sloth Machine special?

If you enjoy the sight of both tropical flowers and fluttering butterflies, this machine is perfect for you. It is an enjoyable experience to look at these beautiful flowers and butterflies, and all the glitter and sparkle around one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Both music and graphics makes the gambling a great and adventurous experience. Therefore, it is not just a regular sloth machine since the use of butterflies and a beautiful nature-themed background makes it a both soothing and gentle playing experience for the player.

How do the butterfly staxx Sloth Machine work?

This game is playable from 40 p a spin to 400 £ per spin. If you hit enough of the right symbols, you can be lucky to have some incredibly big payouts, which makes it very interesting and exciting to play the game. the object of Butterfly Staxx is to match symbols from left to right across the reels.

This gentle game also has a re-spin feature, when a stacked of butterflies appears on the screen. The point is that you can fill up the reels with butterflies from left to right, and the re-spins will continue as long as the butterfly symbols keep coming, which makes it possible to win a lot of money. You can also win free spins with the cocoon symbol which may turn to butterflies. If they do, they fly to the left of the screen, and stay there till the end of the free spins. These features make this game exciting and gives you the possibility to win more.

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